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Customer Comments

John - Poynton

Julie has groomed and cut our two Shih Tzus girls for several years and does a fabulous job every time. My girls love being pampered and love their visits to Julie. Julie always makes a fuss of the dogs and genuinely loves the dogs and treats them as if they were part of her family. Would happily recommend Julie to all dog owners.

Peter - Bramhall

As always Julie was brilliant with our old man she is very patient and does a fantastic job - you can just see that Julie was made for dog grooming!

Nikki - Woodford

Best dog groomer Iíve ever used and Iíve tried a few! Julie is so wonderful with my boys and they love her. Highly recommended if youíre lucky enough to get an appointment as sheís in high demand.

Lhasa Apso Owner - Macclesfield

I have struck gold with another fantastic groomer today, the lovely Julie at Dapper Dogs in Woodford, Cheshire She has done the most wonderful job of clipping / scissoring him and I am delighted with the results. She has just very kindly uploaded these pics on to my facebook page. Also, I think Teddy was a little bit in love with her as he was giving her lots of kisses when I went to pick him up, obviously most at ease. I think the feeling was mutual and I am told I am very lucky to have got him back, lol Doesn't he look fab?!!!

Jackie Lloyd - Alderley Edge

Hi Julie, Was looking for a testimonials page on here and couldnt find one. Given the excellent service we had I think you'll need one soon. Just wanted to thank you for fitting Tilly in so quickly, 3 hours notice a week before Christmas for a brand new customer definitely deserves a gold star! And I was prompted to write this just looking at how CUTE and tidy she now is...oh how looks can deceive...little monster that she can be! Anyhow, many thanks. After trying several groomers in the area I am happy to have found one I now consider our own and am busy recommending!

Cocker Poodle Owner - Poynton

Tedward is a lovely dog but only a puppy and has never been groomed before. Julie was very patient with him even when he tried to bite her several times! By the end of the session he was Julie's best friend and she looked after him like he was her own dog. I have already been back and have also booked in for the next time. Would recommend Dapper Dog Grooming Woodford to anyone!

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Dapper Dogs - Dog Grooming Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions for dog grooming:-

1. You warrant that your dog is fit, healthy and up to date with all necessary vaccinations.
2. The grooming of elderly dogs is undertaken entirely at the owners risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs cannot be held liable for.
3. If we feel that de-matting your dog would cause too much stress and discomfort we may recommend a complete clip down. This will dramatically change your dogís appearance as their hair will be short and close to the skin. A complete clip down may expose pre-existing skin conditions such as hotspots, sores, parasite infestation, urine and faeces scalding, fungal, bacterial and yeast infections. If these are detected we would recommend you seek immediate advice from your vet.
4. The dog owners should maintain their dogís coat in between regular grooming appointments (every 6-8 weeks). Dogs with extremely matted coats will be charged extra.
5. Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs is committed to giving every care and attention to your dog, but please note they are accepted at the owners risk.
6. Our first concern is for the welfare of your dog so in the event of injury or illness we may call a vet and unless it can be clearly shown that Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs are liable, all costs in connection with and in the carrying out of this instruction shall be at the owners expense. We therefore recommend you take out adequate dog Insurance.
7. Under no circumstances do Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs accept sedated dogs.
8. Owners are requested not to feed their dogs in the 2 hours prior to their appointment and ensure their animals are toileted. A dog with a stomach full of food and a full bowel/bladder will find the grooming process very uncomfortable. Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs charge for the additional time and cleaning materials required in cleaning up after your dog.
9. Payment must be made on collection of the dog. Owners are requested to collect their dogs at the time stated. Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs do not offer a dog sitting service nor are we insured to do so. Julie Earith T/A Dapper Dogs will charge an additional fee in these circumstances.
10. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late for an appointment, without contacting us, then we may have to reschedule your slot and reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee.
11. It is a requirement that you advise us prior to your appointment if your dog has any medical conditions, is taking medication prescribed by a vet and any other information which could help us provide a stress free dog grooming service for your dog.